Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Bundesbrief Abroad

As part of the Swiss Roots campaign to spark genealogical curiosity among Americans with Swiss ancestry, the government is sending the oldest version of Switzerland's Federal Charter to Philadelphia for an exhibition in June. That has the conservative People's Party up in arms. They're protesting the low SFr1 million ($760,000) insurance value placed on the document by offering to buy the Charter for that price, to ensure that it won't leave the country.

Swiss authorities note that they haven't lost a national treasure in transit yet.

Johannes Matyassy, chief executive of Presence Switzerland, said he was confident that the charter would return home safely.

"If we're capable of sending the Swiss president to the US and getting him back home safe and sound, I'm sure we'll manage to get the Federal Charter back safely as well," he told public television. [Link]

R. Schmid

The picture on this page shows the "Bundesbrief" of the Swiss peasants that rebelled against their lords in 1653 and not the one of "1291" that was was shown in Philadelphia as "Swiss founding charter"! The confusion proofs, in my eyes, that the symbolic importance of a charter might be much more important than its "real" content…


Well, it does prove that I can't tell my Bundesbriefs apart. I've changed the picture.

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