Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Eagle Needs You

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902) is arguably the most genealogically valuable historical newspaper freely available on the Web. 147,000 pages were digitized five years ago with a $239,000 grant, and every month they draw about 45,000 visitors staying 15 minutes or longer.

Still, the Eagle Online is wanting in one respect:

Problem is that it covers only the period from 1841-1902. All the remaining pages of the Brooklyn Eagle up to 1955, when it folded, remain in yellowed clip morgues and on clunky microfilm. As Brooklyn grew, so did the circulation and the page count of a daily copy of the Brooklyn Eagle. Therefore, the price tag to digitize the second half of this treasure is about a million bucks. [Link]
Present circumstances prevent me from footing the bill on my own, but I know that most of my readers are extremely wealthy, and that some have a passing interest in genealogy. Therefore, I would ask them to click over to the Eagle support page and donate a few thousand to the cause. For every dollar you donate, I pledge to spend a moment sincerely considering making a donation myself.

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