Thursday, March 23, 2006

Errant Spelling Finally Fixed

Pvt. Dennis Buckley came all the way from Lindsay, Ontario, to fight with the Union Army. You'd think that getting shot in the head after capturing a Confederate flag and winning a posthumous Medal of Honor would guarantee him a fitting monument. But a misspelling ("Burkley") on his headstone in Marietta National Cemetery kept his heroism from being noticed for 142 years.

Through the efforts of John DuBois of Caledonia, N.Y., the Department of Veterans Affairs has finally ordered Buckley a new stone, with his name spelled correctly, and an inscription noting his Medal of Honor.

But the government had to slip in some evidence to assure us of its continued incompetence.

[A] press release from the Department of Veterans Affairs announcing the headstone change incorrectly spelled Lindsay, Ontario, and had the wrong style for DuBois' name, using a lowercase 'b'. [Link]

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