Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Family Tree of Love

Tim Appelo writes in today's Seattle Weekly about alleged singer Courtney Love's dysfunctional family tree—and includes an actual (sort of) family tree. Courtney, as it turns out, comes from a long line of women I wouldn't hire as babysitters.

At the head of the pack comes her great-grandmother, Elsie Fox, who "partied hard with her cousin, Douglas Fairbanks, and wrote screenplays so godawful that Graham Greene called one, Last Train From Madrid, 'the worst movie I ever saw.'"

"Humphrey Bogart once threw my grandmother in a lake," says [Courtney's mother] Linda. Why? "My grandmother was quite awful." Was she simply outspoken, ahead of her times? "No, she wasn't. She was really mean." [Link]

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