Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Going to Karolina in My Mind

The folks who frequent GenForum are a bit skeptical about this recent plea for help:

Dear fellow genealogists,
I am a grad student at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland) conducting research on the interest in doing genealogy.
Please contact me if you would be willing to do a questionnaire for me. I need to compile a list of email addresses to send my questionnaire to.
I will be most gratefull should you decide to become a part of my Master's dissertation.
In return I will gladly be your tour guide if you ever decide to visit the beautiful city of Cracow.
Please consider this. I am counting on to help me.
A cynical few have suggested that Karolina is in fact a spammer (gasp!) seeking valid email addresses for nefarious purposes. I prefer to believe that Karolina misplaced her campus email address, and unwittingly signed up for an account on a domain implicated in previous Internet scams. I also choose to believe that she is 23, single, and eager to meet a Western genealogist with $230 in his bank account and no visible scars.


It would be sad if Karolina Waldczyk was a real person, working toward their master's degree, and their viewing public were simply too calloused by past experience with spammers.

On the other hand, "Sheri" at summed it up pretty succinctly: "Normally we'd be happy to oblige but most of us are just too busy writing out checks to Prince Ubu Haba of Nigeria who promised to send us a zillion dollars as soon as our check clears. Yeah, right."

Your comments about this made me cry lol


I'm actually thinking of dropping Karolina a line—through a throw-away Yahoo account, of course. I'll report back if I get a response that doesn't ask for money.

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