Saturday, March 18, 2006

Illicit Copying in Illinois?

The most watched political race of 2006 will undoubtedly be in Adams County, Illinois, where incumbent County Clerk Georgia Volm is fighting off challenger Eric Carper in the Democratic primary. In a public forum on Wednesday, tempers flared. Carper alleged that Volm had allowed two women convicted of misdemeanors and sentenced to community service to copy vital records.

Carper said he had letters from former employees in the clerk's office alleging that the women were copying birth and death certificates.

"These are not public records" being handled by convicted offenders, Carper said.

In a follow-up question on the incident, Carper said vital records should not be available for viewing by the general public. Volm said birth certificates that are more than 75 years old, death certificates more than 50 years old and marriage records more than 25 years old all are open for public inspection under federal and state law. [Link]
To which Carper responded, "Really? That is so cool! My bad."

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