Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Opening the Vault

An LDS article cited by Dick Hillenbrand this evening has me positively giddy.

It seems the FamilySearch microfilm digitization project (code-named "ScanStone") is going better than expected. Much of the massive collection of genealogical records housed in a Granite Mountain vault will be easily available in "as little as 10 years."

[T]he vault where the digital images are stored is for the most part empty (One DVD can hold up to 4 digitized microfilms). A few short cabinets hold what's been converted so far, and the expansiveness of the room whispers of a future when it will be filled. When that day comes, most members will be able to access the digital images of the films anywhere they have Internet access—from their homes or local Family History Center—through the Church’s genealogical Web site,; and the staff at GMVR won't be bundling in their coats as often to retrieve fiche and film.

“Think how easy that will be,” says Paul Nauta, public relations manager for the Family and Church History Department. “In the future individuals anywhere in the world through the Internet will be able to search the majority of the GMRV’s film collection and the billions of names currently hidden in them—all from the convenience of their homes or family history center.” [Link]
You can get in on the next-to-ground floor of the project by signing up to index a batch of the digitized records.


That's amazing news, Chris...Wow! I just signed up. My boyfriend can continue his SETI project, and now I can help index stuff for genealogy...heh...


Let's hope we can get all these records indexed before the aliens arrive. They might have other plans for us.

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