Sunday, March 05, 2006

Paul Revere Drank Here

The Freedom Trail in Boston hits all the historic hotspots, but attendance on the walking tours tends to drop off in the winter months. Business is booming, though, since organizers introduced the Historic Pub Crawl.

Visitors are led by a guide in 18th-century costume, who informs them of the importance of taverns in fomenting the American Revolution. At each stop, they get 3-ounce beers and hot food to keep their historical curiosity piqued.

Dominic Rebelo, 28, went on the crawl with his in-laws on a cold, rainy night last month.

"I'm actually a history buff, and who doesn't like libations?" asked Rebelo, a paralegal in Boston. "I figured the combination of the two was a win-win." [Link]

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