Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Talk Back to the Future

A new British website, Posterity.com, will let your descendants 1,000 years from now know what a fascinating individual you are. Or at least what a fascinating individual you think you are.

The site provides you virtual immortality by holding your hand through the process of writing a 16-chapter autobiography, and then hosting it online in perpetuity. For a £7.50 annual fee, you can continue updating as long as you wish. Fortunately, there's no annual fee for perpetual storage.

In addition to all this, there’s an online ‘Diary’ where you can write and store your thoughts on the day’s events, an area entitled ‘My Time Capsule’ in which you can lay down messages that are time-released for any date in the future, and a ‘Safety Deposit Box’ where you can store electronic files for the whole of eternity. [Link]
Let's hope that your descendants in 3006 can still import a GEDCOM file.

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