Saturday, March 25, 2006

Top Ten Signs Your Ancestor Was Feeble-Minded

10. Filled out his Social Security application with a blue crayon.

9. Named his children after the hired hands they most resembled.

8. When asked by the census taker for his "age at last birthday," responded, "You mean I don't get another one?"

7. Was kicked out of the Confederate Army for hugging his superior officers.

6. Sold his farm to a neighbor for "magic beans and other valuable considerations."

5. Asked to be buried in the same suit his father was buried in.

4. Was turned back at Ellis Island for failing the doorknob test.

3. Accused the minister's wife of witchcraft, having witnessed her tying her own shoelaces.

2. Attended the wrong family reunion for ten consecutive years.

1. Only member of the Donner Party to attempt a round trip.

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