Monday, March 06, 2006

Top Ten TV Shows for Genealogists

10. My Three Sons' Birth Certificates


8. Married . . . Without Issue

7. Doogie Howser, CG

6. The Addams Family and Allied Lines

5. Mad About U.K. Civil Registration Districts

4. Monty Python's Wyoming Census

3. All in the Family Crypt

2. Gone to View BMDs in Cincinnati

1. Three's Bigamy


and #9's gritty spin-off, "CSI: FHC, Cheyenne" ;)


CSI: FHC, fill in the blank. The possibilities are endless.


Genealogy TV shows was one of my slidesi n my recent "Genealogy Is Fun" talk at the local society.

The biggest hit was "Desperate Genealogists". Another was "Touched by a Genealogist," etc.

I also played the instrumental version of Superman but changed the words to fit "Geneaman": "look, out in the stacks, it's a nerd, it's a geek, no, it's Geneaman. Yes, Geneaman, an avid researcher from a distant library...who, cleverly disguised as mild-mannered Genealogist Randy Seaver, searches for family group sheets, pedigree charts and obituaries..."

I can't remember all of it (I'm on the road away from my home computer), but you get the idea. It was fun.

The biggest hit, though, was playing "I'm my own grandpa" on tape while pointing to a convoluted "all-in-one" chart I made to show the relationships.

Keep up the good work...Randy


"Touched by a Genealogist" sounds like something that happened to me my first time at the archives. It took me years of therapy to get over it.

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