Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Are the Chances?

1,921 people with the last name "Gonzálezes"—all of them registered to vote in the western Venezuelan state of Zulia—celebrated birthdays on Wednesday. Every one of them was 32 years of age.

The case is "one for the Guinness Book of Records," said Roberto Ansuini, a former opposition representative on the National Electoral Council who stumbled on it while looking into the registry's reliability. He said the most Gonzálezes ever born on one day in one year in Venezuela is 89.
González is one of the most common surnames in Venezuela. In Maracaibo alone, they take up seven pages of the phone book with about 4,000 listings. The Miami Herald randomly called a dozen Gonzálezes, and two said they were indeed celebrating birthdays Wednesday. Neither was turning 32. [Link]

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