Thursday, March 09, 2006

What Happens in Plymouth Colony, Stays in Plymouth Colony

Alan Abel tongue-in-cheekily reports in today's Fairfield County (Conn.) Weekly on a planned "Pilgrims' Casino" to be built by two descendants of Miles Standish. It'll stand 50 stories high, with a Ferris wheel and elevators on the outside that "look like hot air balloons." Best of all, a "circular high-speed monorail, with a train shaped like the Mayflower, will speed patrons to the hotel lobby."

"We have rights here," declared Izzy Standish, who, with his brother Jake, is preparing for the casino opening. "We've paid the Indians back; people from Connecticut and surrounding states made Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun a success. Now it's time for the Pilgrims to score." [Link]

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