Sunday, March 05, 2006

The World's Greatest Snob

I just ran across the obit of "Sir Iain Moncreiffe of That Ilk, chief of a Scottish clan established in 1248," printed in the Boston Globe of Feb. 28, 1985. Here are some excerpts:

Among Sir Iain's eccentricities was a claim in 1970 to being the world's greatest snob, asserting that even the way he held his whisky glass dated back to 16th century ancestors.
More recently, he spent nearly a year sampling different blends of whisky before a blend went on the market bearing the name Moncreiffe.

He was easy to spot in a crowd for he habitually wore trews - close- fitting trousers - in his vivid red and green family tartan, adding a contrasting tartan jacket in the evenings.
Hugh Peskett, a friend and director of Burke's Peerage, said arrangements had been made for his younger son, Peregrine, who lives in New York, to take over the chieftainship of the Moncreiffe clan.

Peregrine will be known as the Moncreiffe of That Ilk, a Saxon title. The word "Ilk" means "the same." The title means the Moncreiffe of Moncreiffe.
Sir Iain's Wikipedia entry reveals that "he had a trick of moving his false teeth up and down while speaking, which he preferred to play on pretty young girls."

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