Monday, April 17, 2006

1,000 Posts and Counting

This is my 1,000th post at The Genealogue, and I've decided to celebrate this milestone by sending you off to other genealogy blogs less likely to confuse and annoy you.

A blogger lives and dies by his traffic, and traffic depends largely on links from friendly strangers. Some of the sites below gave me early and much-appreciated links. Others are simply blogs I've enjoyed visiting and stealing ideas from.

  • OakvilleBlackWalnut — Dave has favored me with links and comments many times. He was one of the volunteers responsible for indexing the Missouri death certificates recently put online.
  • Random Genealogy — George Lewis spots genealogy items that might otherwise fall through the cracks, and has suggested items for this blog. He also maintains the increasingly useful
  • GeneaBlogie — Craig Manson gave me an early link, so I was pleased to finally learn his true identity.
  • Renee's Genealogy Blog — Renee Zamora is a dependable reporter on the LDS family history scene.
  • BackTrack — Sharon Elliott takes particular pleasure in exploding genealogical myths in the media.
  • The Genealogy Journey — The journey is more pleasant with Mary Kaye along for the ride. Lots of tips and resources for newbie genealogists.
  • Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter — Required daily reading, especially good for software reviews. Commenters can be a bit snarky, though.
  • — The blog of NEHGS Online Genealogist David Allen Lambert. My only criticism is the long wait between posts.
  • Along Those Lines ... — A new outlet for columnist George G. Morgan. Anything goes here.
  • The Genealogy Guys Podcast — Let George G. Morgan and Drew Smith's weekly podcast play in the background while you tend your family tree.
  • 24-7 Family History Circle —'s new blog is a great improvement over the old Daily News. It's now more like a conversation than a lecture.
  • Legacy News — Posts on Legacy's fine products, but also on more general topics.
  • — The blog-style gateway to Michael Neill's fantastically fun website.
  • Genealogy Blog — A talented crew reporting on all aspects of the genealogical landscape.
  • About Genealogy — Kimberly Powell is your very proficient guide. The site now bravely allows comments.
  • Cow Hampshire — Janice Brown celebrates the genealogical history of the Granite State, using "Cow Hampshire" as her shibboleth.
  • Olive Tree Genealogy Blog — Though not updated recently, this has been a reliable source for finding free genealogy stuff on the web.
  • Mac Genealogy Software — All the info you need on software for those machines we all wish we owned.
  • DearMYRTLE, Your friend in genealogy — The blog version of Myrt's columns.
  • Taking Genealogy to the Common Person — Dan Lawyer leads this discussion on bringing genealogy to the untutored masses. The untutored masses have yet to respond, not knowing how to turn on their computer monitors.
  • Students Of Descent — All about turning Google Earth into a genealogical tool.
Lest I run out of wind and you out of patience, here are a few bare links to other genealogy blogs I've run across that deserve a visit. I've undoubtedly passed over many worthy sites, so feel free to drop a link as a comment below—to plug your own blog, or one that you've run across.

Ron Filion

Congratulations Chris!!

Your humour is a refreshing rest stop on our busy highway of genealogical data.


Congratulations Chris.

Thank you for the wonderful links.. and I'm looking forward to laughing at the next thousand posts!



Thank you both for your comments. Until now, I'd never thought of my blog as a public restroom on the side of a busy highway. That would explain the odd smell.


Congrats, Chris. The Genealogue is one of my favorite blogs to monitor; the best for genealogy. Thanks for the plug (again).


I'm coming a little late to the party but I'd like to put in a plug for my genealogy blog...

Love your blog Chris!


Congrats Chris! I also love your blog. And I'm honored to have found a spot in your links! Thanks!

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