Saturday, April 01, 2006

Apple Eyes Genealogy Market

In another example of Apple's annoying habit of doing everything better than everyone else, reports today that the computer maker is developing new genealogy software and hardware that will make obsolete anything currently available for Windows.

The "Pro" version of iRoots will even "fill in missing gaps in your genealogy."

For example, If you don’t know your GGGG-Great Aunt Mary’s husband’s name, it can actually suggest what the name probably was, based on the popularity of names of men who lived in the area at the time. [Link]
Add to this an iDNA kit that can determine your genetic makeup while you play Sudoku and yell at the kids, and you've got an unbeatable suite of genealogy products. It's beyond my means right now, but I'm almost persuaded to sell my kidneys and buy a Mac.

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