Wednesday, April 05, 2006

At Least They Spelled 'Visit' Correctly

Mike Berglund wrote in to correct a few errors in last week's Cloquet, Minnesota, Pine Journal. The flawed story was titled "Swedes visit area to trace family ancestry."

First, my name is Berglund, not Lundberg. And second, the spelling of our Swedish family name is Jonasson, on Jonassen.
Under relationship errors, Jan Jacobsson is Ann-Christine’s uncle, not her brother. Secondly, Maria is the great-grandmother of Ann. And lastly, Ida was Maria’s sister, not her daughter.
Connecting with the Swedish relatives occurred during the planning of the 2004 family reunion, not during the 2002 reunion, and besides, Barry and I, branch representatives Carol Jaakola and Louwanna Johnson, and the family genealogy group, were involved. Secondly two families came here in 2004, not two Swedes! And no phone calls were made to Sweden (just ask the Bush wire-tappers at NSA). [Link]

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