Friday, April 21, 2006

Bribery Complete With Yells

According to legend, some 170 years ago Arkansas' second governor Archibald Yell offered the leaders of Shawneetown $50 if they'd name their town after him. They obliged, but, like any good politician, Yell neglected to pay the bill.

Now David and William "Sonny" Yell—great-great-great-nephews of Archibald, we are told—have shown up to settle his debt.

The Yells were in the city of Yellville on Thursday to present Mayor Janell Kirkwood with the payment. David Yell, of Lapeer, Mich., said his cousin, from Monticello, Ga., had heard of Yellville, and the two joked about visiting one day.

They began conducting genealogy research more than a year ago and discovered they were Archibald Yell's descendants.

The mayor said the interest will be waived. [Link]

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