Monday, April 03, 2006

Bush Accused of Swedishness

Svenska Dagbladet reports today that President Bush has Swedish ancestry. The Local spins the story in a language I can understand:

[The Swedish Colonial Society], the oldest Swedish historical society in the United States, found a direct link between America's first family and one Måns Andersson, who left Gothenburg on the ship Kalmer Nyckel in October 1639. Andersson arrived in the New Sweden colony on the banks of the Delaware river a few months later. [Link]
This doesn't appear to be news: William Addams Reitwiesner included the Andersson link in his Bush family tree—presumably drawn from Gary Boyd Roberts' 1995 book Ancestors of American Presidents.

The timing of this announcement has little to do with genealogy and much to do with the millions of Swedish illegal immigrants who have slipped into our country and taken crop-picking jobs away from our hard-working Mexican laborers. If the corrupt overlords in Stockholm think this "Swedish ancestry" ploy will keep our President from deporting these aliens, invading their country, and seizing their herring stockpiles, they are sorely mistaken. Since those bastards in Oslo refuse to give him the Peace Prize, only a Nobel Prize in Physics can possibly appease him.

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