Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chapel Dwellers Pleased With Easement

Geoffrey and Kirsty Everett-Brown's dream house is a somewhat-converted Victorian Baptist Chapel in Swimbridge, North Devon, England. I say "somewhat" because the former tenants have not quite finished up their business in the churchyard.

The agent told them, unreassuringly, that funerals had been booked only for two former worshippers. Even so, the widows concerned were getting on and the gravedigger could turn up any time. Not to worry then if a deep hole appeared unexpectedly outside. [Link]
Geoffrey says that, far from it being a sticking point in the negotiations, "We thought it might be rather interesting to have a funeral in the garden." He also encourages family members to visit the graveyard whenever they like—despite the sales agreement's requirement of 48 hours' notice.

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