Thursday, April 13, 2006

Doomed to a Watery Grave

I've crawled over and through obstacles to visit graveyards, but I've never been required to swim.

When the Hales Bar Dam was constructed in 1913, no one thought to relocate the graves in Long Cemetery #2. Now the Marion County, Tennessee, yard is knee-deep in water, and accessible only by boat. Intrepid Ida Smith ventured out to photograph the three standing stones.

If descendants of the three known occupants can be found, the cemetery could be relocated to drier ground. The site also intrigues state archaeologist Nick Fielder, who says the graveyard would be of "archaeological interest."

"I've never seen (a graveyard) with tombstones that ended up above the water," Fielder said. "I will raise the subject with the TVA archaeology group." [Link]

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