Sunday, April 23, 2006

God is in the Details ... and in the Index

Rob Manderson's wife received in the mail an Alexander family history whose author was nothing if not thorough.

I have to say that I consider it 50 bucks well spent; it was worth every cent for the laughter it gave us both. Here's a sample of the Table of Contents.

The earliest of early records...

and so on...

you have to admire the presumption of someone who sets out to catalogue a list of ancestors and traces it all the way back to God! [Link]

Ron Filion

Couldn't they have skipped a few...Adam to Noah to ?

Okay, okay, I probably would want the whole list too.

Randy Seaver


I have a list of a line from Adam to Matilda of Scotland (who is an ancestor of mine and probably half the English-speaking world). I found it in a book so it must be right (um, it was when I was collecting dead relatives rather than doing real genealogy). Maybe I'll post it on my blog sometime when comments are deathly still.

Adam to Fred (my dad) was 138 generations according to this list to Matilda, plus my list from Matilda to Fred.

Cheers -- Randy


A word of advice to anyone attempting to trace his or her descent from God: Stick to the direct line. Researching all the collateral lines would take considerably longer, notwithstanding the Great Flood.

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