Monday, April 24, 2006

Grave Robbers Offered Amnesty

Jeremy Nichols is a cemeterian with a mission. And he's started Tombstone Amnesty to carry it out.

Tombstone Amnesty, a new endeavor of the Sonoma County Historical Society, exists to return lost, strayed, or stolen tombstones to their rightful cemetery. Tombstone Amnesty will accept, no questions asked, tombstones that someone has at their home or where ever. If the possessor knows where the tombstone came from, so much the better. If not, we will figure it out and return the tombstone.
Last Thursday, the program had its first success, returning three wooden grave markers from a barn near Guerneville, California, to their proper home in Calistoga. And no one went to jail.
Tombstone Amnesty is not a police organization. It is not our intention to go around questioning people as to the origin of the tombstone that happens to be in their back yard. We don't want people ratting on their neighbors. If someone has a tombstone and wants to keep it, fine. Tombstone Amnesty was created to take in unwanted tombstones, so they're not lost or destroyed forever. [Link]

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