Friday, April 07, 2006

The Illegal Immigration Collection

A Genealogue Exclusive [What's That?] announced a new addition to their U.S. Immigration Collection on Thursday. The Illegal Immigration Collection includes digitized images of fake "green cards" and other doctored records used by undocumented aliens seeking work in America.

The announcement was immediately attacked by conservative talk-radio hosts, who argued that only immigrants who arrived in this country legally deserve genealogical consideration. Said one Cleveland commentator, "If I found out my grandmother came to America illegally, I'd personally kick her a** out of the family tree."

Genealogist Jorge Guzmán, on the other hand, was thrilled by the news. He jumped at the chance to search through Border Patrol detention records and INS deportation files, and in just a few minutes found his father's name.

"There he was. I clicked on 'Edgar Guzmán' and up came a picture of his first Social Security card." Jorge shakes his head. "He could only afford to have seven digits put on it, he was so poor."

In connection with the announcement, is offering a special subscription package for illegal aliens who wish to become members. To gain access to the databases, they need only pay a $2,000 fee, have their fingerprints checked, and promise to learn English within five years.


Chris!! ROTFL! Just too funny!


Don't hurt yourself while ROTFL. That's now the leading cause of computer-related injury in America.


Its the leading cause of injury in America, after choking on toothpicks.



OMG that is too funny! The real life debate is driving me up the wall since I see no need for it to begin with. This was a great post!

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