Friday, April 28, 2006

The Importance of Middle Names

Tim Horsch of Jackson, Michigan—owner of The Loyal Handyman General Contracting—seems always to be in trouble with the law. Just last Sunday he was reported to have been sentenced to six months in jail for criminal sexual conduct. Except it wasn't Tim Horsch of Jackson who did the crime and will do the time, but his distant cousin Tim Horsch of Jackson.

Timothy Michael Horsch is 40, works as a contractor, and stands about six feet tall. Timothy James Horsch is 39, works as a contractor, stands about six feet tall, and is due to spend 180 days somewhere up the river.

Timothy M. Horsch's mother once had to come to her son's rescue when the police arrived at their door, ready to arrest the wrong man.

After she explained the two had different middle names, the officers apologized and left.

Leo Lalonde, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections said it isn't the first time two names have been confused, but it usually happens with more common names.

"What can be done about the confusion, I don't know," Lalonde said. "It would be different if it were a John Smith." [Link]
All the more reason to keep the middle names of your ancestors straight. You wouldn't want your great-grandfather Alphonse Terwilliger Capone confused with his distant cousin.

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