Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's Not Always That Easy

About five years ago, Pat Coppel picked up a family tree he'd created as a student back in the '80s.

An unusual name on the tree caught his eye - La Mothe. He knew this branch of the family came from the Isle of Man, and decided to try seeing if he could find any mentions of Manx-based La Mothes on Google.

He hit the jackpot immediately. The very first result that came up on the search engine was an 1895 document written by John Corlet La Mothe, high bailiff, who turned out to be Mr Coppel's great-great grandfather. It outlined the history of the La Mothe family going back 10 generations. [Link]
It should be noted that this method doesn't always work. Sometimes you have to look at the second result on Google.

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