Friday, April 28, 2006

MSM Type Seeking Like-Minded Genealogists

If you felt your ears burning on Thursday, there's a simple explanation. A panel of news executives were griping at a conference in Seattle about diminished access to public records when someone brought up genealogy.

Kathleen Carroll, senior vice president and executive editor of The Associated Press, suggested partnering with genealogy experts, who rely heavily on public records laws to mine historical data.

"We don't talk to that group of people very well, and they could be very powerful allies," said Carroll, one of four executives who spoke on a freedom-of-information panel at the ASNE annual meeting. [Link]
So, if in the next few weeks an AP reporter starts throwing you "come hither" glances, you'll know why.

Randy Seaver

So will the AP reporter identify himself to me before I get a "come hither" look? He may get a swift kick in the brass if he does.

OTOH, if she gives me a "come hither" look, my female colleagues (they are everywhere!) will shield me from her in deference to my Angel Linda.

I can't win...

Cheers -- Randy


I'll just say what I always say when flirted with: "No comment."

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