Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Left Elbow is East Asian

Salt Lake City Weekly reports today on a body artist with a penchant for genetealogy.

I know of one entrepreneurial tattoo artist who will for a modest fee, as well as certified proof of your DNA results, demarcate on your body the exact percentages of your ancestry. Using a complicated formula based on the body/mass index and latitude and longitudinal calibrations of epidermal surface area, Harlow McBain, owner and proprietor of Tattoo You in South Salt Lake, has been helping people express their ethnic heritage for the past three months.
The requirement of "certified proof" shows how seriously Harlow takes his work. One mostly-Danish woman wanted her 4 percent of African heritage inked into her posterior—so she could tell unwanted suitors to "kiss my black ass."
"After some intense negotiation, and very detailed measurements, as to how much of her shapely derriere actually constitutes 4 percent, I went ahead with a very tasteful tattoo. Confidentiality precludes me from describing the actual tattoo itself, but let me just say that the nice lady left my parlor a happy camper, albeit one with a very sore keister." [Link]

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