Monday, April 17, 2006

Oregon Man Too Old to Prove He Was Born

Joe Worden was born April 19, 1919, in La Grande, Oregon.

Or, at least, that's what he wants us to believe.

His birth was recorded only in "a family Bible he hasn't seen since he was a kid." Without a record of his birth, he can't get a passport to visit his granddaughter, stationed with the Air Force in Germany. Worden himself served on the USS Enterprise during World War II, the Navy foolishly accepting his word that he had been born.

Family friend Rochelle Lake is having trouble digging up the necessary proof of Worden's birth.

Additional paperwork he’ll need, according to the Web site for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, include other documents that prove his birth, such as Census records, school records, family Bibles or a statement from the doctor who treated him as an infant.

Additionally, an affidavit from an older family member, with knowledge of his birth, is required.

"So now I have to find a doctor that’s known him all his life," said Lake.

"Well, he’s outlived everybody. Family members? Anyone that was older than him are all dead!" [Link]
Because I couldn't help myself: 9-month-old Joseph appears at the bottom of sheet 117A of the 1920 census for La Grande (Precinct No. 8).


I'm not surprised. I have personal knowledge of a similiar incident happened recently in New Jersey. The man, born in 1919 at home was trying to obtain a New Jersey license, and it required a birth certificate (yes, he was still driving). Since he did not have one, they required his school records.. which he did not have. He too served during World War II... The incident was finally brought to the attention of the local politicians. I don't know the outcome...


There should be a support group for these guys—Octogenarians Anonymous.

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