Monday, April 24, 2006

Searching for God at

With all the controversy over The Da Vinci Code and its premise that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, it's easy to forget that, according to Catholicism, Christ has had many brides.

The proof is as close as the WorldConnect Project, where several genealogists have listed "Jesus Christ" or "God" as the spouse of their convent-dwelling relatives. Relatives like Gertrude Griffin (Sister Mary Margaret), and Elizabeth Eugenia Vannucci (Sister Betty).

Searching for God references at WorldConnect shows how creative family historians can be when recording nonstandard information. His birth and death dates are given as "Alpha" and "Omega," and as "Always Was Always Is Always Will Be" and "Never." Ian Thomas reveals that God is "Deceased," but omits the date. The GEDCOM format allows for no easy explanation of God's begetting children centuries apart—in some cases leading to confusion over Adam's relationship to the Virgin Mary and to Jesus.

And then there is this entry, which lists God only as an uncooperative witness.

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