Sunday, April 16, 2006

Some Longoria Historia

Desperate Latina housewife Eva Longoria talks about her American ancestry in today's San Bernadino County Sun:

[B]y any measure, Longoria is far more authentically Texan than a certain president we could name.

"Something like eighth, ninth, 10th," she says of her generation, which includes three older sisters, that grew up on the family ranch outside of Corpus Christi. "We didn't cross the border; the border crossed us. We've got the same Spanish land grants our Mexican ancestors did." [Link]
Raul N. Longoria includes Eva on his Longoria genealogy website, which shows she is the great-great-granddaughter of Ponciano Longoria—born about 1852, and "probably the first 'American' born ancestor from the Longoria branch." (The 1860 census for Rio Grande City, Starr County, Texas, says that Ponciano was born in Mexico, but who am I to argue?)
My father, Raul Longoria, recalls hearing stories about Ponciano's stubbornness. He recalled one story about a time when Ponciano was standing in a pasture talking to two other men. One of the men, Celso Villarreal, noticed that Ponciano was standing on a hill of fire ants and told Ponciano that he should move to avoid being bit. Ponciano, in his stubbornness, responded that the fire ants could not harm him and he continued standing on the ant hill while resuming the conversation. Though the ants bit, he refused to acknowledge that they were there or that they even bothered him. [Link]
The website also has some info on Eva's less ant-bitten maternal lines, in case anyone wants to try proving her wrong.

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