Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some Were Saints

Longtime Genealogue readers will have noticed a few recurring themes in my posts, one of which is this: Our ancestors were human beings with faults, vices, and (occasionally) criminal pasts. They were not saints.

Except those who really were saints.

Brian Starr has gone to great trouble to prove me wrong, going so far as to spend three years writing a book called Saints Who Left Descendents and Their Ancestry.

This book is intended to help the reader find all the Saints that are in his or her ancestry by showing the relationship to the Nobility and Royalty of Europe. If your ancestry includes the nobility and Royalty of Europe this book is for you. The book attempts to explain ancient lineage of the Saints, with charts showing some lines to linked Saints. Included Saints are from any source, the Holy Roman Catholic Church as well as Saints recognized in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Saints as well as Saints found on the internet. Some Saints are not yet canonized but still recognized as a Saint by some source. [Link, via EOGN]

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