Thursday, April 27, 2006

SSNs Issued by Woolworth's

Sharon at BackTrack has found further proof that 078-05-1120 is the most misused Social Security number of all time. The number has been traced to wallets once sold at Woolworth's five-and-dime stores.

The wallet came with a fake Social Security card with a preprinted Social Security number on it, empty spaces where the name and birthdate would go, and the word SPECIMEN stamped across it. When these people died, their next of kin opened the wallet and pulled out the card. They gave the social security number on the card to the person who filled out their loved one's death certificate. [Link]
The number wasn't arbitrarily chosen: a wallet company executive used the SSN of his secretary, Mrs. Hilda Schrader Whitcher.

Randy Seaver

Hey, that was my dad's number! I always wondered why he got a much bigger SS check than most people. He lived like a king after he retired.


Just curious: did all of the family pictures in your dad's wallet depict attractive strangers? Those might have come with the wallet as well.

Randy Seaver

I don't think I ever saw inside my father's wallet...I certainly never saw Washington's, Franklin's or Hamilton's picture.

Funny how I never thought about that until now. I do have all his tax returns for 42 years!


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