Monday, April 10, 2006

Top Ten Signs President Bush is a Genealogist

10. Still looking for BMDs in Iraq.

9. Appointed Cyndi Howells Secretary of Listing Stuff.

8. Once choked on a pretzel while attempting to decipher an 18th-century Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur.

7. Ordered Scooter Libby to leak his GEDCOM file to the press.

6. Joined the Texas Air National Guard because Vietnam lacked good research facilities.

5. Enjoys spending his spare time in cemeteries transcribing inscriptions and registering Republican voters.

4. Has the Secret Service keep a microfilm reader always running nearby, just in case.

3. Banned from the National Archives for peeking at the 1940 census.

2. Still bitter about losing the 2004 election for president of the Bush Family Association to 78-year-old Indiana homemaker Evelyn Bush.

1. Claims the authority to copy anyone else's research without a warrant.


OMG!! haha

Don't forget how he joined Skull and Crossbones thinking it was a cemetery research group for Mayflower descendants!


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