Saturday, April 22, 2006

What, Not Blogging Yet?

This has been a good couple of days for genealogical blogging. Three new blogs turned up on my radar last night, and today I see that Cyndi's List has a new Blogs for Genealogy category, and Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter has adopted an even bloggier design, which looks great.

I encourage every genealogist to start up a blog—free and easy to do at Blogger or WordPress. Before you decide that you have nothing to write about, consider these possibilities:

  • Personal Research Blog — Keep an online journal of your genealogical life. Share both your successes and your failures, because everyone will want to learn from your successes and laugh at your failures.
  • Transcription Blog — Do what I've done with Oxford County Genealogical Notebook and start abstracting and transcribing offline info.
  • Family Blog — Instead of writing for the whole world, write for your extended family. Post pictures and stories. Invite your cousins to collaborate—after all, there's no reason a family can't have more than one genealogist to hide secrets from.
  • News Blog — There are plenty of blogs that cover national stories of genealogical interest, but we can always use more narrowly focused sites, like OhioGenealogyBlog.
  • Single Surname Blog — Every researcher has a surname he's especially fond of—and it's not always the one printed on his library card. Set up a blog about an obscure surname and you might become an Internet authority overnight.
  • DNA Project Blog — Follow the example of the St*r**v*nt Genetic Project Blog and coordinate a DNA project.
  • Humor Blog — Write lame top ten lists and phony news articles to conceal your self-hatred and lack of marketable skills.

Randy Seaver


Thanks for the're one of the first to even read it, I think. I've exposed it to my friends and local genealogy folks, but that's about it.

I will post some humor things on occasion, and will point back to you big time pretty soon, I think.

I messed around with doing a web site, but it was quite complicated. Using Blogger seems real easy once you get the hang of it, and it is dynamic.

Cheers -- Randy


I wish you good luck, Randy. But if you try to challenge me on the genealogical humor front, I will have to crush you mercilessly.

Randy Seaver


I'll leave the good humor stuff to you - you seem to have a knack for making up outrageous things that I could never dream up...I'll just link to the really good ones! Blogging is easy that way, eh?

I'm still struggling with a focus on my blog - I want it to be more than genealogy but I don't want contention (so the logical thing to do is to avoid politics, religion and sports). I have lots of material to post if people care to read about my dead ancestors.

Cheers -- Randy

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