Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wisconsin's Truncated Town

Merrimac, Wisconsin, was named "Merrimack" way back in 1850 for a county in New Hampshire. One hundred years later, an Assistant Postmaster General took away the "k" for reasons known only to himself.

Local historian Char Olson wants to restore the "k" to its rightful place. Her campaign at the moment is a quiet one: she defiantly addresses her envelopes using the "Merrimack" spelling. If she can get a few more people on her side, perhaps someday she will rekindle the fire she started a few years ago.

Olson approached the Village Board about letting people vote to change the name, but she said it was too short notice, some people were confused, and nothing came of it, though some people took it upon themselves to add "ks" to signs around the area. [Link]
Olson says there is precedent for the change. Pittsburgh lost its "h" in 1890, only to have it restored by popular demand in 1911.

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