Monday, May 01, 2006

18 Women With 401 Babies

Donor 401 is a very popular guy. He's fathered at least 25 children by 18 women, and left them begging for more.

No one knows who he is, but it's common knowledge that he tans well, has German heritage, and shares a "warm relationship with his mother." Fairfax Cryobank ran out of his DNA, but a California woman scrounged up 17 vials and offered them to satisfied customers who want their kids to be full siblings.

The woman who had the extra sperm told the mothers that she had purchased the vials from Fairfax, but then didn't need it. The vials sell for at least $175 each. "It's just incredibly generous," said Leann Mischel, the mother of two 401 babies, who is thinking about a third. [Link]

Randy Seaver

This guy may end up being more prolific than Brigham Young. Check out Brig in the WorldConnect database - amazing info, if it's half true.

I want to be there for the probate court hearing of Mr. 401's intestate estate - all of these half-siblings come marching in with their DNA profiles claiming their fair portion of the estate. There may be so many of them that they each won't get much. Think Anna Nicole Smith times a hundred (that boggles the mid, eh?)!

Then think about the poor child(ren) of his who think they will make out when he dies - a big surprise!

Cheers -- Randy


I think Donor 401 should have an asterisk next to his name, like Roger Maris. It's a lot easier to father your 25th child when you don't have to listen to the first 24 arguing over who gets the last Oreo.


I think it's completely unfair that everyone is poking there nose into it all. The poor guy probably only did it to help, and here he is with a pretty big percentage of people asking - who is 401?
leave him alone is what i say, i think that he deserves his own life without his donations putting him in the public eye.

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