Saturday, May 27, 2006

Actor Takes Role of 'Long-Lost Brother' in Family Reunion

I wrote last month about Ben Vereen's discovery of his birth mother. This weekend, his newfound family will have a reunion in New Haven, Connecticut.

A genealogist helped Vereen discover Essie Middleton was his mother. She died in 1982, but he did find his sister, Gloria Walker.

"At first I just couldn't believe it 'cause my cousin said guess who your brother is. And I said who. She said Ben Vereen. I said right Bert, OK," Walker said.

From Broadway's "Chicago" to the television mini-series "Roots," Ben Vereen is a household name. And he wanted to know if his mother was a fan.

"That's the first question I asked my Aunt Esther. I said did she like me? Did she know me? She said yeah. She said she knew who you were, but she didn't know you were her son," Vereen said. [Link]


Amazing how the small 'family reunion' is going to be hundreds of people now. I'm really glad for Ben that he's found his family.

As for me, I only have one guest bedroom to insure that my family do not come to visit and never leave :D


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