Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All They Need is Love ... and Occasionally a Defibrillator

The marriage of Nor Che Musa to wife Hukuntoh is the sort of event that causes genealogy software to issue dire warnings. The Malaysian groom is 33, his bride 104.

Nor Che Musa decided to marry Hukuntoh because he wanted to take care of her.

"The fate has been arranged by God, and I do not worry about people making fun of our marriage," he said.

Hukuntoh has been married for 21 times but has no children. [Link, via Neatorama]

Randy Seaver

Does she have all of her wedding pictures on her wall in the family room?

Has she been a widow 20 times, or is there divorce and involved?

Is she preying on young men, sapping them of their vital juices and spitting them out?

This sounds like a great newspaper expose story - it could run for many weeks.


If she outlives this one, we'll know there's something up.

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