Monday, May 15, 2006

Call Me Anytime, But Don't Call Me That

It turns out that the residents of Norfolk Island are not the only ones identified by their nicknames in the local phone book. The 600 inhabitants of Cedillo, Spain, published their own colloquial directory at the urging of their mayor, Antonio "Booties" Gonzalez.

It means that Johnny the Potato can be found under P for Patata while Luciana is under C for Chinita.

From Pedro "the Whistle" to "Balls" Francisca, the Cedillo phone book is designed to give people the quickest and easiest way of finding their neighbors' phone numbers and addresses.
Not everybody in Cedillo is happy with the new phone book, however.

A man known as "Baldy" and another called "Peg-leg" asked to be registered under their proper surnames. [Link]

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