Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Cause for Concern Indeed

A Texas genealogist searching for information about her family online was shocked to find information about her family online.

Delia Curlin was recently browsing the Internet for family land records and was shocked to find some of her family's personal information posted on a county web site.

"I came across one of my brother's information, date of birth, driver's license, social security number," said Curlin.

Alarmed, Curlin kept looking and found more of her relatives information.

Fearing the threat of identity theft she immediately called the Hidalgo County Clerk's office to have it removed. But to no avail.

"The gentleman that I spoke to told me that whoever prepared the document to go file it at the county, that that was the way it was written and they couldn't take any information off of it," she said. [Link]
This story neglects to mention that Texas has required since 2004 that a "Notice of Confidentiality Rights" be printed in "12-point boldfaced type or 12-point uppercase letters" on every recorded deed. For example, on this deed—which coincidentally bears the signature of one "Delia M. Curlin":

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