Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Decompose Yourself

The Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve in Newfield, New York, was dedicated on Sunday. It's the state's first natural cemetery, and the fifth in the nation. If the trend toward "green burials" catches on, genealogists of the future will have to bring more than a pad and pencil when visiting their ancestors.

If Greensprings becomes a person's final resting place, their families will eventually find plots that have either small gravestones or none at all. Small metal markings are used to identify the plots and once nature takes over the land again, people will have to use metal detectors to find some plots, said [Sam] Hernandez, the caretaker.

“There will be no big stones,” Hernandez said. “The stones we will have will have to be flush with the ground. It won't look like a cemetery. In fact, we are hoping we get picnic tables.” [Link]
BTW, if you're interested in eternal environmentalism, but would rather not be buried in a cardboard box, check out this line of lovely wicker caskets.

Randy Seaver


Graveside services would not be attractive, I venture. Perhaps they will plant nosegays or something to hide the natural (green?) smells.

And then will they let the birds and animals scatter the bones and other remains as they wish? There must be laws against this.

In the frozen north, people won't thaw until spring...you could visit old Uncle Harry in May in case you got lonesome for him, even if he died in November.

Random thoughts...inquiring minds want to know.

Cheers -- Randy

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