Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hugo's Despotic DNA

Venezuela's charismatic dictator president Hugo Chavez is building up his back-story by claiming to be a direct descendant of Montezuma, last ruler of the Aztec empire. He has a team of genealogists working out the details.

The research reportedly has gone back more than 20 generations so far, and the genealogical tree where Chavez hopes to nail down his blood parentage with Montezuma already totals at least 6,812 people (as of January 2006). Moreover, the governments of Spain and Mexico have already been consulted officially on the matter.
In summary, while Chavez’s quest to prove his blood lineage to Montezuma is laughably absurd, it is also somehow fitting that Venezuela’s erratic and mentally unstable president should seek to prove that he is Montezuma’s heir. After all, Montezuma was a failed Emperor who presided over a bloody and corrupt tyranny that enslaved and slaughtered weaker indigenous peoples, and who today is remembered popularly mainly by travel agencies and tourists that equate the name Montezuma with diarrhea, farts and gastric eruptions that leave the taste of vomit in one’s mouth. [Link]

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