Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In Search of Lost Time Capsules: Boise Edition

Pioneer Ezra Meeker placed a time capsule inside the Oregon Trail Marker (now called the Pioneer Monument) in Boise, Idaho, on May 9, 1906. On Tuesday, hundreds of schoolchildren and adults gathered on the Statehouse grounds to witness the recovery and opening of the capsule.

One of those people was Stephen Anderson, Meeker's great, great, grand nephew who came all the way from Europe to find out what treasures his ancestor left behind in the Boise monument.

"I'm sure he left a letter but I don't know what else," said Anderson.

With the turn of a key and the start of the engine, the monument was lifted, exposing the granite block beneath, which radar technology showed contained something inside, but Tuesday, that science didn't prove exact.

"I thought they might find something, it kinda surprised me," said one spectator.

A student from St. Joseph's school said, "Nothing. They didn't find anything." [Link]
The Centennial Committee will next ask permission to excavate the base of the monument. They'll also be placing a new time capsule inside the marker, so people in 2106 will have something not to find.


Hehehe Chris,

I loved the video, and after the monument was opened, one guy saying "it was worth coming down to see." Folks in Idaho must have alot of free time on their hands.



Janice, you obviously don't understand men. Watching big machines move heavy objects is what we live for. That's why this is my favorite show.

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