Saturday, May 27, 2006

Making the World Safe for Onomatology

World War II had a lasting impact on the Philippines—or at least on Filipino names and nicknames.

After World War II, the American presence was well-established in Philippine names. In the late ’40s-’50s, there was a boom in Mary Lous (though it still stood for Maria Lourdes or Maria Luisa), Mary Anns, Mary Janes, Mary Roses, Mary Joans, Mary Beths.
Other stateside names that crept in were Elizabeth, Juliet, Nancy, Sheila, Emilie, Judy, Jeannie, Doris, Betty, Betsy, Katy, Leilani. A few Shirleys appear in every other generation. The same old ’50s male names persisted such as Lorenzo, Joaquin, Cesar, Emmanuel, Jaime, Felipe, Daniel. Popular nicknames were Louie, Mike, Andy, Tony, Benny, Steve, Teddy, Jimmy, Jess (ho-hum). [Link]

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