Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The President's Grave-Robbing Grandpa

Members of Skull and Bones—the secret society at Yale to which both President Bushes belonged—reportedly plundered the grave of Apache leader Geronimo about ten years after his death. A letter written by a Bonesman in 1918 recently came to light, in which he bragged that "[t]he skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible, exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club and Knight Haffuer is now safe inside the [Tomb] -- together with his well worn femurs, bit and saddle horn." The "Tomb" is the society's clubhouse on the New Haven campus.

Harlyn Geronimo, a former tribal leader who is Geronimo's great grandson, said he trusts the accounts and may pursue legal options to recover his ancestor's remains. He also expects an apology from U.S. President George W. Bush '68, whose grandfather has been implicated as one of the robbers, Geronimo said. [Link]

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