Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some Able Mabel Researchers

Some fourth- and fifth-grade students at Titus Elementary School in Huber Heights, Ohio, are well on their way to becoming fine genealogists.

One of their number, Tahmyrah Lytle, noticed that a plaque outside said the school was named for "Mable Titus," while a plaque inside said "Mabel Titus." The teacher of their gifted social studies class set them to work resolving the discrepancy.

The students' research revealed her name was spelled both ways in the "History of Wayne Township" book. They also found it both ways in the 1910 census (Mabel) and in the 1930 census (Mable).

But the majority of their research indicated Mabel was the correct spelling. This included the Titus yearbook, a church directory, her obituary, a newspaper article on Titus, her social security number and her will. The students decided that this spelling was correct by comparing her signature on a former student's 1949-50 report card to her signature on her 1939 marriage records to Karl Titus.
The students want future generations to be aware of the correct spelling of Mabel. However, the class has been unable to figure out Mabel's middle name. [Link]
No middle name? Recess is cancelled!


Able Mabel was named after both the pilot's wife and the radio operator's (my great Uncle Francis Morris) mother, Mabel Morris. She was my great grandmother. Their names were both spelled MABEL. Nice job!

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