Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Someday Your Prints Will Come

The National Archives has partnered with iPHOTOART to produce high-quality prints of selected images from America's past.

Through this non-exclusive agreement, prints of selected Civil War Maps, World War I and II posters, patent drawings, lighthouse drawings, and Ansel Adams photographs are now available for purchase on the iPhotoart web site These striking images have been painstakingly reproduced from digital files housed at the National Archives, and are embossed with the National Archives official seal. [Link]
All of the available images are great, but I especially like the vivid war posters. For those of you whose ancestors spent the World Wars sleeping off hangovers, check out the patent drawing of an 1808 alcohol still.


My favorite is the Creepy err Creeping Baby Doll drawing.



They should use that design for the next generation of Roomba: a lifelike baby that crawls around your floor sucking up dust-bunnies.

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