Saturday, May 13, 2006

Top Ten Family Secrets I'll Never, Ever Reveal

10. Grandmother's occupation in 1930 census was "Embittered housewife."

9. Distant cousin was Donner Party's travel agent.

8. Great-uncle's ashes were accidentally placed in coffeemaker at his funeral.

7. Ancestors emigrated to America to escape persecution as WASPs.

6. Most coveted position on family reunion committee is "Keg Master."

5. Great-grandfather was stationed in his parents' root cellar for duration of World War I.

4. Mother descends from Mary Magdalene and her lesser-known second husband, Bill.

3. Only member of family to go to college came back the same day.

2. More records of relatives subjected to exorcism than to baptism.

1. Leading cause of death: acute impotence.


ROFL!! That sounds like my family - we must be related somewhere along the line!


I'm sincerely sorry to hear that. ;)

BTW, good luck with the new genealogy blog.

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