Friday, May 19, 2006

Top Ten Worst Canadian Census Questions

10. "How many elderly members of the household did you set adrift on ice floes in the previous year?"

9. "What was your net income in 2005 from selling fake Viagra to Americans?"

8. "How many Tim Hortons can you see from your kitchen window?"

7. "How many American draft-dodgers could your current dwelling accommodate?"

6. "Do you speak French well enough to pick up a prostitute in Montreal?"

5. "What is your occupation? For example: Professional Hockey Player, Mountie, Baby Seal Clubber."

4. "If born in the United States, have you learned to control your murderous impulses?"

3. "How many hours per week do you spend evading polar bears?"

2. "What ever happened to Gordon Lightfoot?"

1. "Do you not agree to keep none of this information from being made publicly unavailable in 92 years?"



I can't believe you write this stuff.. haha. What did happen to Gordon Lightfoot?



According to Wikipedia, "In 2005, he made a low-key tour called, with characteristically droll humour, the 'Better Late Than Never Tour.'"

Peraps he's waiting for another maritime disaster to write his next hit song.

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